Monday, March 30, 2015

Teaching Nonfiction Text Features with a {Freebie!}

Don't you love when the stars line up and a week of lessons goes better than you imagined? Honestly, that's how this past week went!

After getting our results back from our state test last year, I realized that my students needed more reinforcement on nonfiction text features.

This year, I decided to spend a week focusing on fiction vs. nonfiction, and really diving into how those nonfiction text features helped us be better readers.

Then, something wonderful happened! I found out that our kindergarten buddies were focusing on nonfiction for the week, too! A light bulb went off in my head… what better way for my 4th graders to truly understand, then to learn, and then teach it to their buddies!

I talked with the Kindergarten teachers and they were so excited for it, too! So we kicked it off on Monday with a little nonfiction vs. fiction comparison chart, and book title sort!

We used the first two pages from my Teaching Nonfiction Text Features booklet to do this. I loved watching the Kindergarteners and 4th graders working together and learning from each other. Both had such great ideas! We put bins around the room of nonfiction and fiction titles all mixed up, and they had to look through them and sort the titles into the correct box. Having these books around also helped them with the comparison chart!

When they were finished with this activity, they had to show a teacher to get their next activity-- a Scholastic book order cut and paste sort! They had SO much fun with this.

How gorgeous do these look all hung up?! :) You can get this sort page for free by clicking here or on the photos above!

Throughout the week we then continued working in our text features booklet. We would discuss 2-3 text features a day, write down how we use them, and draw an example of it in a book. I then had students spend some time reading a nonfiction book of their choice, and do a quick written response about what they learned in their writing journals!

On Friday, we got back together with our buddies to review what we had learned! The last page of my text features booklet is a text features treasure hunt! Kindergarten and 4th graders worked together to hunt through nonfiction books and find an example of each type of text feature! If they finished, they got a little "gold" (chocolate gold coin) as their treasure! They were SO excited when they found each one. You can pick up a copy of my Teaching Nonfiction Text Features unit here! It also includes colorful pieces for an anchor chart that stays up in my room all year long!

How do you teach nonfiction text features? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Big Reveal: Famous American Projects!

On the first day of school during Q & A one of the first questions is always, "When do we do the Wax Museum?!" The excitement builds all year, and the kiddos are so ready by the time it is here! We spend 3 1/2 weeks on this project.

There are 3 parts: The research paper, a brochure, and a speech/costume to dress as their Famous American! We "open" our wax museum at Open House for parents, and at school for 2 hours for all of the students to go through. 

Every year I am amazing at what my students research and learn. They can choose anyone from the list of 50+ Americans I give them, or write a 3-5 sentence persuasive paragraph why they should get to do someone not on the list.

Without further adieu, here are pictures of it all in action!

{Speech practice before the big day!}

{Placing his American in the right place on the hall way time line-- I do an informal timeline grade with this!}

{Our hallway timeline}

{Entrance to the museum}

{Gabby Douglas and Mia Hamm}

{Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, me, Mickey Mantle, and Walter Payton}

{Ginger Rogers, Mary Cassat, Shirley Temple, and Mary Kay Ash}

{Mary Kay Ash- she was ADORABLE in action! Complete with a southern accent. :) }

{Mary Cassat, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Norman Rockwell}

{Guion Bluford and Neil Armstrong}

{Alexander Graham Bell--loved the whole display!}

{Clara Barton}

{This one was AH-mazing! He is my little light show director (see yesterday's post) and he was so excited about being Nikola Tessla! He even showed how he "made lightning" during his speech!}

{A close up of a timeline at their stations}

{Group photo!}

As you can see, my students were VERY passionate about their projects! It is one of my favorite things to do each year, and I love seeing how proud they are of their work. We throw a big party the Monday after it's all done to celebrate their hard work--This year we had Red, White, and Blue rice krispies, jello, punch, and popcorn! We watched 2 episodes of Liberty Kids, too. :)

If you'd like to try out this project with your kiddos, I have a step-by-step guide in my TPT store with everything you need!

I'm linking this up with my BBB Joanne because this unit certainly sparks student motivation in my classroom! :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

An Island in the Snow? Looking back at our week!

Happy Friday, everyone! I am officially on Spring Break…. yahoo!! :) Here's what we've been up to this week!

1. I am SO proud of my students who meet during small group time for Close Reading activities. They are becoming text evidence experts, and I love seeing their progress. I use a lot of Fifth in the Middle's Close Reads, and they are a wonderful for my students! I love how they are differentiated so I can use the same topic with multiple reading groups.

2. My kiddos have made SO much progress in their grammar skills this year. We actually looked back at our first Mentor Sentence of the year this week to see how far we've come. We use Ideas by Jivey's Mentor Sentences Units and LOVE them! Honest to goodness, my students get excited for grammar. If you don't have these, RUN to her store and get them now! :)

3. We did some Reader and Writer's spotlight this week! First, I passed out scripts from this book of Fabulous Idiom Plays.   I put my kiddos in groups, they assigned character roles, and practiced. We performed a few at the end of each day. They LOVED them. Then, they wrote their own with their group! It was a BLAST! 

{One of my sweeties is HUGE into light shows, and he brought us in a spotlight to use for our writer and reader's spotlight!! SO fun!}

4. We started some Project Based Learning using the topics: The 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Mr. George Ferris, the original Ferris Wheel, and other World's Fairs. I will be blogging more about this soon; it is so awesome what they are doing!

5. Today was our last day before Spring Break, so it was Island Day! Of course, true to Ohio form, we have an inch of snow on the ground to celebrate… YAY! [insert sarcastic voice] We celebrated with beach ball fun in the cafeteria, island gear and decorations, watching a beach movie with our Kindergarten buddies, and snow cones!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Check back tomorrow to see tons of pictures from our Living Wax Museum! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Five for Fraturday--What we've been up to!

With a 4 month old in the house, some things just get pushed off a little! So here's my Five for {Fraturday}…. Room 219 has been busy!

1. We started off the week in full swing with our Famous American research reports! Students have been researching for a week, and they are doing an amazing job!

Here's a little info on how I do these projects:

  • Students are given a week to choose a Famous American. I give them a list of about 50, and they can choose any on this list, or write 3-5 sentences to persuade me why we should learn about a Famous American of their choice. They write down their top 3 choices and give them to me. On Thursday, I give them their assigned American from their choices, and their homework is to have at least 1 book on this person by Monday.
  • On Monday they are given section 1 notecards. There are 4 cards per page, and 5 total sections. I color code each section by copying them on different color card stock. So section 1 was on pink card stock, section 2 on yellow, section 3 on green, section 4 on orange, and section 5 on red **This is REALLY important for later**
  • Students finish researching and taking notes on a section, cut out the cards and glue one down per page in their writing notebook. They take each card, and write them as sentences below. I have to edit/check that section before I give them the next cards.
  • When they are finished with 2 sections, they type those sections in a Google Doc, then move on to sections 3-5 and do the same. 
  • I {PUFFY HEART LOVE} the color coding. It is such a great scaffolding for 4th graders because they know that all the same color cards make one paragraph. They just have to add a topic sentence to each colored paragraph. 
  • Once it's all typed, they share their doc with a peer editing buddy. That buddy turns on "Suggesting" and makes any suggestions to edit. They accept or reject the suggestions, then share their final copy with me.
  • I print off 2 copies, one to grade and one to put out at the Wax Museum (So it doesn't have grading marks all over it.) 
Here are some pictures of this process in action!

{Research cards in a student's writing notebook}
{We do a lot of peer help for kiddos who need tech help when I am conferencing with a student!}

{These partners above are peer editing. If you look closely you can see the "suggestions" on the right side of their screens.}

{This sweetie is working on typing her last section!}

{LOVE that she has her Bibliography out to write down her sources!}

{Typing away!}

2. If students get done with their paper before the due date, they get to do the optional brochure portion of the project! About 70% of my students were able to get to the brochure this week! :)
{Working on her brochure in Publisher}

3. On Monday, we will be writing our speeches for our Wax Museum and practicing them all week! Our first Wax Museum is Thursday evening at Open House, then we do it for the students in our school on Friday at school! A few of my yahoos finished both their papers and brochures this week, so they got started on their speeches!

{Working on his speech!}

4. We have continued our "Writer's Spotlight" time before lunch and at the end of the day, and students are loving it! Read more about how I've been working to make writing fun in my post from this week here! (There's a little writing conference freebie, too!)

5. We took a little break from all of our Nonfiction work to do a Poetry, Prose and Drama sort. It was great review and the kiddos had fun doing it! This is in my Poetry and Figurative Language Unit on TPT

6. (I know, more than 5 but I figured we'd do a little bonus since I'm a day late!) I finished up the week playing with this sweet boy, and even getting a run in since the mountains of snow are FINALLY melting!

Hope everyone had a good week! If you're interested in doing your own Wax Museum project, you can get all of the materials for mine in my TPT store here!